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Service & Work Order Tracking Software

Service Providers

Field and Service Providers around the world are concerned with controlling costs, improving scheduling and response time, improving billing accuracy and getting paid faster. They want to do all of this while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Management for Service Providers

The tools required for efficient service scheduling and dispatch, work or job order and ticket tracking, efficient billing, customer service and mobile access to service information is provided by eMaint.

Service Scheduling and Dispatch

Of course, it would be easy to manage a pre-determine schedule. But you need to add in the repair requests, emergency calls and after-hour service demands. Now, you really need an effective work management tool!

Our service order software provides the tools necessary to ensure work orders are properly dispatched. The software’s work entry screens enable users to record activity, while capturing the customer information and job details. It ensures that the proper personnel get assigned the proper work at the right time. The Work Order centre allows you to trace and analyse what needs to be done and alerts you to who is going to do it. You can easily sort work orders by customer, priority, region, problem type or any other user-definable filters.

Work Tracking and Management

The service order software enables you to assign your team work orders, allowing them to receive alerts via email, text message, or other mobile devices. The service order software also allows you to record and report work orders, material, miscellaneous expenses and purchases on time.

With the planning and scheduling tools, you can check availability of personnel, verify skill sets required and schedule work easily. The planning and scheduling tool includes customisable filters so you can view work by trade, location, customer, problem type or any other criteria that suits your personal business process.

Vendor Portal for Secure Access

The vendor portal feature makes it easy for vendors and outside contractors to acknowledge work order receipts and details assigned to them, attach documents and images to work order and update material, labour and other costs after work has been completed.

A unique login is assigned to each vendor, which grants them access only to the information they choose to share in a customisable view.

Gain Control Over Your Process

Get rid of the sticky notes and white board already by Implementing a system that allows higher customer satisfaction! With access to the powerful PM scheduling tools you are provided the highest level of customer satisfaction. You will be assured that all contracted work is performed on schedule.

With eMaint you will be able to calculate response time and completion rates, track organisation’s performance, and provide customers with more visibility into your performance and response levels.

eMaint can be used as a customer information portal for improving communication, response time and customer satisfaction.

Organise Assets by Customer

Managing maintenance on multiple customers' assets within one system can be challenging. eMaint CMMS makes it easy by allowing you to store and group assets by customer.

Service Requests

A key component to any field service operation is work requests.

Managing work requests shouldn’t be approached with a “one size fits all” solution. Different requirements are requested by different customers. For some, simplicity is the key. We offer a “You’ve got work” feature for easy work request submission. It makes submitting work requests almost as easy as sending emails. Others, however, require a more robust solution.

Not only does the “My Requests” feature provide a customisable form for detailed entry of the requests, it also provides a complete portal for customer service where customers can view their service history. This includes work requests that are open, pending or completed. This is all done with one secure login.


We provide tools that allow you to print out a professional, detailed invoice for billing purposes. You will have access to track the charges through the job or work order, produce bills and provide a detailed invoice quickly, which allows you to get paid in a timely manner. This also eliminates questions concerning the bill.

Key Performance Metrics

Up-to-the-minute information on the KPM (key performance metrics) can be found on the dashboards:

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