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Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

Not even a thorough maintenance programme schedule can anticipate equipment breakdowns which occur due to undetected faults in-between scheduled maintenance check-ups. Our predictive maintenance and condition monitoring software systems enable clients throughout Europe to be pro-active in preventing equipment failures and cost-consuming outages or stoppages. With our software systems, you are free to optimise your maintenance processes by scheduling maintenance automatically, based upon the results provided by conditioning monitoring of important assets.

Condition monitoring is the act of measuring the health of an asset by actively monitoring and analysing data. Our Condition Monitoring feature allows you to define boundaries for equipment operation, graph results, import readings, trigger emails automatically and generate a work or job order when a reading indicates when boundaries are exceeded. This step is vital when moving from scheduled preventative maintenance activities to predictive maintenance based on your needs.

Key Features of Predictive Maintenance Software

Outsourced PdM Integration

Find potential failures before they cause negative impact

eMaint CMMS integrates with SEMEQ, a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) service provider that specialises in the utilisation of condition monitoring instrumentation, techniques and technologies.

With this integration, all negative diagnostic reports recorded by SEMEQ will automatically generate a corrective work order in eMaint CMMS. Once the work order is completed, the work history and corrective actions will automatically be logged into SEMEQ.

eMaint's integration with SEMEQ enables organisations to experience world-class results:

Screen Shots

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Diagram of eMaint EMEA condition monitoring process
Condition Monitoring Center

Predictive Maintenance Software
Screenshot of predictive maintenance monitoring points defined by eMaint EMEA software Monitoring Points Defined

Condition Monitoring
Data Analysis Report

Exception work order generated by eMaint EMEA predictive maintenance system
Exception Work Order

Meter readings from eMaint EMEA condition monitoring software
Meter Readings Chart