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"Finding the right CMMS doesn't
have to be like fitting a square peg into a round hole."

At eMaint, we understand that our maintenance application needs to meet your business needs, without messy customisations that require an army of IT support. One of the advantages of our system's SaaS platform and maintenance tracking software is its configurability. And one of the advantages of selecting eMaint as your CMMS provider is our commitment to your success.

eMaint's CMMS solutions are agile, designed from the ground up to match both your industry and your unique business requirements. We start you out with an eMaint account that's been pre-configured to match basic industry requirements, such as for manufacturing maintenance, facilities maintenance management, service providers, or fleet maintenance.

But the configuration process doesn't end there. That's only the beginning.

Through our unique training and startup services, and using the powerful configuration tools built into the CMMS system, we further refine the baseline industry setup of your account and apply the proper workflow rules, screen settings, field properties, reports, dashboards, menu choices, colour schemes, system options and even branding -- that match your unique and specific business requirements.

The result: A CMMS System built to your specifications and designed to meet your exact needs.

eMaint CMMS was the ONLY choice. The customer support is phenomenal; coupled with the breadth of features, adaptability and ease of operation, there simply is no better option.

John Massicotte
Plant Facilities Engineer
North Region Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

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