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Free CMMS - What it Really Costs

At eMaint, you will find our low monthly subscription fees include daily data backups, unlimited support and system upgrades with no hidden charges.

That’s not the end – believing that knowledge is power, we offer free monthly workshops on CMMS that provide proven results. The next time you are offered “free CMMS software,” consider the TCO (total cost of ownership), not just the flashy part that will cost you more in the long run.

eMaint’s web-hosted CMMS software is fully-supported, meaning it includes such important features as daily backups, unlimited award-winning phone support, automatic software updates and more. The goal of our CMMS implementation service and support is success. This is why we rolled out the product, hosting fees, system updates and support, in an affordable package that provides the foundation for success without hidden charges. We say it is worth every penny, but, why listen to us? Our clients have made their voices heard with their dollars. We have over a 90% CMMS renewal rate.

So what exactly is free?

With eMaint, you will receive unlimited email, live chat, or phone support, along with daily backups and hosting in the low monthly subscription fees. You will also receive free monthly CMMS Best Practices webinars and workshops, welcome to all users.

Competitors may claim their CMMS software is “entirely free,” but you end up paying additional dollars for telephone support (per user) and you end up paying more for hosting fees.

Understanding the TCO (total cost of ownership) is essential when evaluating CMMS software. The price of successful implementation isn’t the only important factor. It also needs proper support and training in order to succeed. Committed to your successful CMMS implementation, eMaint offers unlimited phone support so you can talk to support specialists via email, phone or live chat with no additional fees.

When our managed secure servers host the web-based software, they ensure your information is confidential. This is included in the Pricing Made Easy subscription model. Have no fear! Your data will never be breached. Before trying any free CMMS software offers, consider these elements that come with our commitment.

We love getting something for free. That’s why we are offering you the chance to try eMaint’s risk-free free trial and see what CMMS is really about. Our CMMS is the real deal, with no hidden charges or fancy gimmicks.