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Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance Software

Facility Maintenance, Property Managers and Building Maintenance Managers throughout the world are concerned with cutting costs and improving productivity while ensuring customers are met with a high level of satisfaction.

Often times, executives, managers and business owners want to measure work performance. They ask:

We provide offer property management and facilities maintenance management the major building maintenance software and systems they need to track asset management, work order management, service requests and KPIs (key performance metrics).

Asset Management Systems

A critical component to the operation of any property or facility is asset management. Our building maintenance software provides the ability to not only identify corporate assets, but the ability to track and analyze them as well. With the asset explorer, you can locate assets by location, type, system or a variety of other hierarchical settings, giving you total control. It is a challenge to keep track of assets, but we make it easy so you know where they are, where they are going and where they have been.

Our property maintenance software and facilities maintenance software systems provide pint-and-click access to all material and labour costs at asset level. Through our powerful work order system, you can accomplish gathering these costs.

Work Order Management

Technicians can use the eMaint Work Order center to plan the proper procedures and have access to the necessary tools and parts they need to avoid delays or interruptions. The work order center easily tracks labour, parts and purchases, allowing you to analyze the costs associated with facility maintenance management more efficiently.

You can calculate response time and completion rates, while tracking performance with our solutions. Feedback will be provided in order to keep your internal customers aware of the status of their work order requests.

Maintenance Request and Service Request Software

Work requests are the cornerstone of operations and facility management, whether they are from the owners, tenants, staff, teachers, students or customers. There should be no "one size fits all" solution to manage work requests. Some organisations believe in simplicity. The "You've got work" feature we offer makes submitting work requests as easy as sending an email. For a more robust solution that other organisation requires, we offer the "My Requests" feature that provides a requester control panel view the status of pending, open and past work. It also provides a customisable form to fill out a detailed request entry.

Vendor Portal for Secure Access

Vendors and outside contractors can easily acknowledge receipt of work details that are assigned to them, via the optional vendor portal feature. They can also update material, labour and cost upon completion of work along with attaching documents and images to work order.

Vendors are assigned an original login which grants them access to the information you choose to share with them. The feature includes a customisable view for viewers.

Key Performance Metrics

Our Maintenance Dashboards features in the property and facilities maintenance software provide up-to-the-minute information on critical key performance metrics. These KPIs include:

eMaint building maintenance software users experience positive results: