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Are you “Experienced”?

We originally had a vision to create and implement an interactive learning space where customers could learn more about the eMaint system in a hands-on environment. This vision has successfully turned into The Experience Centre. Here, you have direct access to our product experts who can answer various questions about eMaint's capabilities.

The Experience Centre, located in Southwest Florida, USA, offers a range of devices, with many of them being mobile. Customers can receive hands-on experience with eMaint features and explore how they perform on the devices they are considering for their business operations.

This creative destination, which can be used by both veteran and new eMaint customers, can be taken advantage of as they plan a new implementation, or take their eMaint usage to the next level.

Why the Experience Centre?

Are you considering using eMaint CMMS for purchasing? Would you like to see how purchasing and requisitioning work in eMaint?

..Or, maybe you are ready to take that next step in opening your storeroom. Would you want to explore how barcoding works?

..Or, maybe you want to take advantage of new features within eMaint CMMS and want to see a live demonstration to understand how you will be affected before using it in an actual live environment...

..Or, Suppose you take notice of the advantages of having technicians manage the work orders in real time, in the field and on the production floor, but you want to understand your options and see how they can be done on a smartphone, tablet, rugged scanner, or other device through eMaint CMMS.

“I came to the Experience Centre to see how barcoding worked on iPhones. Once I was able to see how MX Mobile worked with the iPhone barcoding app, I realised that it was the right solution for our company. It was well worth the trip.”

Roger M

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The Experience Centre allows you to:

eMaint offers many functions and new features are constantly being developed on a daily basis. It is impractical to take full advantage of them all during your initial eMaint implementation. With the Experience centre, you can see first-hand, how they function in their environment, without disrupting the product environment.

We envision the Experience Centre as the ultimate place to explore your new opportunities for improvement and have a positive, risk-free experience trying them out.

Experience Center Access as a Benefit to Managed Accounts

Although the Experience Centre is available to all customers, clients who involved at the “Get Onboard” or “All In” levels enjoy complimentary access to the Experience Centre. Space can be reserved and clients can bring their entire team down to enjoy scheduled time with an eMaint product specialist who will guide them with their personal business evaluation. If customers are not involved with the “All In” or “Get Onboard” levels, they can still take advantage of the Experience Centre for a low fee.