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eMaint CMMS is being used by maintenance managers everywhere, improving operations. Isn't it about time you began operating with this type of equipment maintenance tracking software at your disposal?

If you have run an organisation in one, or multiple locations, eMaint can assist in reducing downtime, increasing profitability and improving productivity across your entire enterprise.

eMaint maintenance tracking software users experience such positive results as:

Equipment Maintenance Software for Maintenance Management

Control costs while improving equipment reliability and operational efficiency with our equipment maintenance management software.

Manufacturers living in today's economic environment want to meet production demands, sustain assets, increase productivity and enhance the bottom line.

Maintenance managers and supervisors use our equipment maintenance tracking software to plan, schedule and prioritise workload easily. The software is a critical part in keeping production levels at peak performance.

The scheduling tools in the eMaint maintenance software are used by planners to schedule the personnel and materials and resources needed to complete the job.

Line operators and technicians easily adapt to our user interface, while learning how to view and complete work and use the industrial maintenance software to submit work requests.

Data related to downtime, critical assets, failures, emergency work, inventory levels, downtime and other KPIs can be gained easily by managers so they can make informed decisions.

Successful Case Study - PolyOne

PolyOne is a worldwide provider of polymer-based materials and solutions, making over 35,000 products for more than 10,000 customers throughout the world, including five continents. In an effort to improve maintenance management across all of their 50 locations worldwide, the company implemented Lean Six Sigma throughout their entire enterprise.

PolyOne appointed a project team to oversee each of the several CMMS Software solutions, reviewing the disjointed systems and choosing one standard system across the entire organisation. Ultimately, the team chose eMaint CMMS Software solution due to its easy integration with third-party systems, configurability and the fact that it was already implemented in four of their plants. In less than one year, the company implemented eMaint CMMS in all of its 50 locations, a year ahead of their estimated schedule. Read more >>