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Engineering CMMS Services

Engineering Services

eMaint's commitment to your CMMS success extends to all aspects of maintenance operations. Our team of specialists are experienced and well-versed in assisting you with achieving CMMS implementation success, while tacking and conquering all maintenance engineering challenges.

eMaint's team brings more than 70 combined years of operational experience dedicated to improving customer productivity, safety and asset processes. We can work with you on-site or in a remote location to identify business objectives and develop the best strategy for your specific desires and budget.

Project Management Services

The management services we offer support a wide range of projects including MRO Inventory and Equipment Reliability initiatives. We take a team approach for each project, while drawing upon our collective experience to implement the right resources at the exact time they are needed. When identifying goals, one, or multiple members work with clients at different stages of each process.

Maintenance Programme Assessments

An onsite maintenance programme assessment is a systematic and comprehensive approach to identifying the current state of the organisation with respect to implementation of a CMMS. Your key stakeholders, will meet our consultants to analyse the operational state of your current CMMS and determine if it is satisfying your desired operational state. First-time customers implementing a CMMS, or whose current CMMS needs to be improved, restructured or started anew are highly recommended for assessments. An assessment can range from a single day to a five-day engagement. The five-day package engagement includes a comprehensive assessment report and an executive summary of findings, both are presented to key stakeholders at the conclusion of the assessment.

Project KickStart

During a four-day, intensive initiative an eMaint consultant meets with your CMMS project management team to kickstart your implementation. The natural conclusion of a Kick Start event is to Go-Live, after which, your Account Management team will continue to work with you to fulfil follow up requirements. Each engagement includes such activities as:

System Integration and Interface Development

eMaint brings more than 28 years of experience to the table in developing interfaces to integrate CMMS software with our clients' existing business applications. eMaint maintains system accuracy, reduces requirements for duplicate data entry and offers a wide variety of standard interfaces which are already defined. We can modify these, or create new processes as well, to suit any needs of our clients. Creating functional and technical specifications and project management processes are included in interface development projects. We ensure that each project is completed according to plan, testing and production rollout.

Data Conversion and Migration Services

Organisations typically have data that can be utilised in their CMMS startup. eMaint converts data from legacy CMMS systems, along with other third-party applications, on a regular basis. We can also import data from spreadsheets.

eMaint's services include data analysis and evaluation, mapping consultation & support, data extraction consultation and installation assistance of both test and final run sets of data. In general, eMaint's method is to transfer the data into a usable format, cross-reference the data to the appropriate fields, and pre-load the data into eMaint, to be ready for use upon implementation.

Go Live Support

When switching from a legacy CMMS to eMaint, Go-Live Support is especially useful. It is also useful when working with a large group of users who need to acclimate to the new CMMS once training is completed. We work with you to develop an appropriate Go-Live agenda and coordinate all Go-Live activities with your team.

Areas of focus, which vary greatly depending on each client, may include management of the cutover from legacy system, verifying that user rights are aligned with system usage, ensuring remote support team resources are available to address support issues, making minor tweaks to configuration (as required) and reinforcing system usage best practises which were covered during training.

Computer System Validation (CSV)

Computer System Validation (CSV) is a valuable tool in supporting quality of performance and production in accordance with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP regulations. It provides documented proof that our CMMS will repeatedly and reliably do what it is designed to do, and complies with the applicable rules and regulations, which includes providing electronic records, an audit trail, and eSignature options.

CSV projects are typically carried out within the context of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP). During this engagement, an eMaint consultant will work with you review the importance of implementing a structured and professional validation process right from the start of the project, what is required to do it, and the benefits to be gained.