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CMMS Success - MidFirst Bank

MidFirst Bank Case Study




MidFirst Bank Improves WO Process

eMaint X3 CMMS Implementation Provides MidFirst Bank
with Improved Work Order Process & Greater Visibility


MidFirst Bank is one of the largest privately-owned banks in the United States, offering a full range of mortgage banking, commercial banking and private banking services throughout Arizona and Oklahoma. Bill Winston, VP of Arizona Facilities, is responsible for the maintenance management of the 29 facilities throughout the Phoenix metro area.

“Many CMMS systems have similar features and functions. What makes eMaint stand out, in addition to cost, is the customisation of it -- the ability for us to work the way we want to work.”

Bill Winston
VP of Arizona Facilities
MidFirst Bank

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MidFirst Bank, prior to implementing eMaint X3 CMMS, had no formal work management or PM programme in place, which made maintenance tracking and reporting impossible. Mr. Winston had the goal of implementing a CMMS after being brought on board in 2010. After reviewing many complex maintenance management systems, he decided on eMaint X3 because it offers many configuration capabilities and an easy-to-use interface.


With the goal of going mobile in mind, MidFirst Bank's maintenance team began barcoding all assets within the facilities including lights, doors, A/C units and more. After barcoding all assets, they purchased iPhones for their technicians so they could receive work orders while on the road via a company intranet.

MidFirst Bank wanted to manage work orders more efficiently. To do so, they customised their system to automatically route work orders to each technician or sub-contractor according to the category. Now, when a work order is submitted after hours, Mr. Winston can route it to the engineer on duty.

Having visibility in the work backlog is a main priority of the maintenance team at MidFirst Bank. All reports are automatically emailed to Mr. Winston, showing any work orders that are created and still open. His personal dashboards show how many planned vs. reactive work orders are created.

CMMS Implementation of Case Studies benefits
  • Greater visibility into open and completed work
  • Customised work order management process leads to increased efficiency
  • Reduced number of maintenance calls due to PM process implementation
  • Mobile goal accomplished through online work order forms and barcoding

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