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“I want to take a moment to once again thank you and your team for the excellent support I always recieve. It is truly a pleasure talking to your staff when we have a concern or need help.”

emaint CMMS Service on 11Ron Urbanek
Crown Metal Packaging
eMaint customer since 2008

We wouldn’t be a leader in our industry if we didn’t understand that you need the service and support from a vendor you can trust. Our mission is to grant you success. To us, anything else is unacceptable.

We have always tried to stand out from our competitors. That is something that makes our entrepreneurial software company unique and successful. To stand out, we use the size of our business to deliver immediate and personalised service and support that goes way beyond customer expectations. This is something our competitors cannot offer. “Service on 11,” is a result of our company pushing beyond capacity for our customers.

“Service on 11” combines superior technology with personlised support. Our entire team, including our product specialists, takes pride in being responsive to our clients’ needs and desires over the entire lifecycle of a customer. This personalised aspect to support is epitomised in the systems we develop, the people we hire and the way we connect with customers.

To ensure a successful CMMS implementation, from beginning to end, we partner and interact with our clients. For over 27 years, we have used this philosophy of partnership to hold a 90% retention rate from our existing clientele, which is far above the industry-average of up to an 80% failure rate of CMMS implementations in the first year.

To provide ultimate service, we believe we must foster a community. We encourage, through our Ideaport, our clients to share suggestions for new features and updates they would like to see. Other members of the community can then vote and comment on the ideas. Popular ideas move up the list, which our staff reviews on a daily basis. The most popular features can be included in the upcoming updates.

Any organisation can claim to have good customer service, however how many have the proof to back it up? eMaint has been rewarded with the 2014 Stevie Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year.”

Connect With Us

After contacting an eMaint support technician, please click here to join a tech-support meeting.

eMaint system support is available from 8:00am GMT - 2:00am GMT/9:00am CET - 3:00am CET, Monday - Friday, by phone, or via e-mail at .

Response Time

The length of time a Support Department member receives your call and the time a Support Specialist contacts the client, is the response time. Our response times are based on the severity of the issue that has been reported, but will often have an issue resolved within the time frame indicated. eMaint defines incident severity levels as:

Critical: Customer application is down and inoperable. The system is inoperable to all users. Customer productivity is threatened.

Response Time: 1 hour or less

High: The system incident directly affects the function essential for day-to-day operations. The incident affects all users of the system.

Response Time: 2 hours or less

Medium: Customer application is slightly limited. The incident includes impaired operations, however, most business operations and user-productivity continues.

Response Time: 4 hours or less

Low: Customer application or user productivity is not affected, or, the issue being reported is procedural.

Response Time: 8 hours or less

eMaint CMMS Online

eMaint CMMS On-Demand subscription includes automatic system updates and upgrades. along with technical support provided via email, phone and online message board.

How to reach us

Telephone: , press "2" when prompted to be connected to Technical Support or via e-mail: .